• What are You Hungry For?

    What are You Hungry For? When you trace the days back, skip over calendar squares like spaces on a game board, reversing: events, choices, moments, does it overwhelm you? Do you look back to a month, three months, seven, a year ago and pause for a moment, wondering what the hell happened? It’s a dizzying […]

  • Eating Alone

    Eating Alone   I’ve been in two, serious, back-to-back, long-term relationships since I was 19–until about four months ago. I’m 31. I came of age as a cook, and as a writer, with a partner. Cooking for someone else at least five nights a week sincerely influenced my culinary decisions. It challenged me to find […]

  • Wild Leeks and Fiddleheads

    Wild Leeks and Fiddleheads Spring is finally bursting across the Upper Peninsula. My yard’s leafy, grassy haze makes the horizon gauzy, green and sunlight melding.  Each breath tastes lush. Green, green fiddleheads and wild leeks are quintessential seasonal flavors. Leeks: sharp, earthy, and garlicky; when cooked, melt into a subtle, buttery-onion flavor perfect in stir […]